Diesel Performance
Experts in Phoenix

At Dean’s Auto Repair, we love our diesels! We love the power, the torque, the sweet diesel sound, and the historically lower fuel prices. However, diesel prices are on the rise, and new “clean diesel technology” has drastically reduced fuel mileage for some vehicles. Fortunately, Dean’s offers a huge variety of diesel performance products to help you increase your diesel fuel mileage.

Diesel Performance Chips

Can you really get better diesel performance simply by adding a “chip” or “module”? Believe it! Electronic diesel performance technology today can give you huge increases in horsepower and torque combined with increased diesel fuel mileage. We have a wide selection of diesel performance chips, modules, tuners, and programmers available to us.

Whether you want to save money on fuel, race your buddies, or tow your horse trailer without overheating or slogging up long grades, you can take advantage of today’s diesel performance technology and get a diesel performance chip. Talk to one of the pros at Dean’s about which chip is right for you!

Diesel Performance Air Intake Systems

Let your diesel engine breathe! If you haven’t done anything to increase airflow to your diesel engine, you are making it hard for your diesel to breathe. What’s that you say? You got the K&N performance drop-in replacement filter? While that’s better than nothing—and great if you were into diesel performance a decade ago—times have changed, and so have diesel performance air intake systems.

If you’re looking to seriously increase horsepower, performance, and mileage, dramatically lower diesel exhaust temperatures, and extend diesel engine life, call Dean’s Auto today! We can find the right intake system for you and your vehicle.

Diesel Performance Exhaust Systems

Are you looking to run your diesel with more horsepower? Do you want a meaner, throatier sound for your turbo diesel? Are you looking for an effective way to reduce your exhaust gas temperatures? Do you want to avoid melting anything important when you run that new tune? The answer is an upgraded muffler or a completely new diesel performance exhaust system. Let us help you achieve the power and sound you want.

Diesel Performance Gauges

The more you know about how your diesel is performing, the better you will know how to safely run your diesel with more power. Dean’s Auto Repair offers a wide variety of instrumentation to help you monitor your diesel’s vitals, including gauges, gauge accessories, gauge pods, and monitor mounts. If you want to monitor boost pressure, transmission temperatures, engine temperatures, or any other statistic, we’ve got the tools you need to keep your diesel operating safely.

Diesel Performance Fueling Upgrades

With the many changes and improvements to diesel fueling systems and components over the past 15 years, the opportunities to upgrade your diesel’s performance with cleaner, better, and more constant fuel flow give diesel enthusiasts lots to smile about. Dean’s Auto Repair offers a full line of performance diesel lift pumps, fuel preporators, injection pumps, injectors, and injection nozzles for all your diesel fueling needs.

Adjust your fueling to achieve the power you want for your specific application and need. At Dean’s Auto, we also have fuel plates and governor springs for Dodge Ram trucks with the 12-valve mechanical Cummins engine. Contact us or stop by today to upgrade your diesel!